About CrazySEO

William Cooke

Chief Executive Officer
Successful Entrepreneur
12 Years specializing in SEO

Managing Director and Mr. William Cooke. The founder of CrazySEO has been involved in the SEO industry and understands the evolution of the industry and the direction that it is now taking mainly at the discretion of industry giant Google. William is a serial entrepreneur with several successful businesses that have all involved the internet in one degree or another.


Bikram Singh

Chief Marketing Director
Masters in Computers Administration
5 years specializing in SEO

Bikram has achieved a Masters in computer administration and has translated his education into a 5 year career in SEO. Bikram has a little bit of a reputation in the SEO industry and when given the chance to join CrazySEO he quickly made the decision, we are happy to have him as a strong part of our team here.


Kenneth Ejiofor

Project Manager
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Economical Cybernetics and Management
3 years specializing in Social Media Marketing

Kenneth is our project manager and his responsibility is to have overall control of all of the projects that CrazySEO is managing. His team allocates the work of each project to dedicated teams that include websites design and optimization, content production and optimization, and social media. He coordinates the work of each team so that they are as efficient as possible and able to slot into each project at the right time so that the project is delivered on time and on budget. His experience in social media has also helped us to significantly improve our ability to link build and to tap into the huge audience that is available to on social media.