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What if we told you that we could design a digital marketing strategy tailored to meet the exact requirements of your local business, and better yet you would not have to pay a thing until you saw results?


How Just 5 Keywords Can Transform Your Business

What if you could add an extra $3000 per month to your business’s bottom line income?
As you will see below we have drawn up an action plan to accomplish exactly that. All figures are verified by independent 3rd parties.

1. Keyword Selection

Put yourself in the shoes of a ‘buyer’ not a ‘browser’. A ‘browser’ is simply searching for information and would use keywords such as “Chiropractors Top 10”, whereas a ‘buyer’ is someone who has their wallet open and is ready to spend money, therefore they would be searching using keywords such as “Where to buy Chiropractor Services in Sydney” or “Best Chiropractors in Sydney”. Selecting effective ‘Buyer Keywords’ is essential.

Traffic Keywords
2400 plumber brisbane
320 plumbers brisbane northside
260 plumber north brisbane
260 blocked drains brisbane
260 emergency plumber brisbane
3500 Total Monthly Search Volume

2. Crunch the Numbers

Bring together all of the important data such as Average Conversion Revenue, Conversion Rate and Click Through Rates (CTR). See below for sources.

  • 3000 Monthly Search Volume (MSV)

    There are numerous Keyword Tools out there that can be used to calculate MSV, such as Keyword Revealer, Long Tail Pro, Google Keyword Planner and many, many more. We used the Google Chrome browser extension “Keywords Everywhere - Keyword Tool” for this website which resulted in a total MSV of 3000.

  • 8.82% Click Through Rate (CTR)

    To see the CTR data we used to work out our calculations here, head over to At first glance you may notice the data from advancedwebranking is more favorable than ours, there are a few reasons for this. The main reason, we utilise commercial intent to base our figures on which tends to draw in a more conservative demographic. Also, we base our data on your site ranking in 3rd position on the first page of Google, therefore this obviously comes with a lower CTR

  • 5.31% Conversion Rate (CVR)

    The average conversion rate sits somewhere around the 2.35% mark, while the upper 25% of sites convert at an average of around 5.31%. It is this 5.31% rate that we have based our examples on and we are extremely confident of being able to reach this goal through the utilisation of expertly designed conversion optimised landing pages. You may also be interested to know that Larry Kim published a very interesting article on this topic which can be found here.

  • 180$ Average Customer Revenue (REV)

    As you may have already gathered REV is more self-explanatory, it is essentially the process of finding out how much value a customer can bring your business over the lifetime of your professional relationship with them. If you visit you will find some very helpful price estimations for Chiropractors in your area, it also helps with being able to determine the mean figures across NSW, VIC, ACT, QLD, WA, SA, TAS and NT.

  • $2950 Return on Investment (ROI)

    These are quite simply your financial results, your return for the capital you have invested. We have calculated yours to around the $2950/month mark and we must stress that this figure is conservative, it assumes that your month was extremely average. This is of course, one of the primary areas we want to help you improve upon, pushing you to the top of Google will transform your business and increase sales dramatically.

3. Do the Calculations

This is where we combine all of the information and figure out your profitability exactly. Below you will see the data that shows how just 5 keywords could result in a $2950 increase in sales.



$2,950 = 3,500 * 8.82% * 5.31% * $180

16+ Sales

Or $2,950 in evenue based on average sale value of $180

5.31% CRV

Conversion rate for top 25% of websites

308+ Visitors

Visitors that will end up on your web page

8.82% CTR

Click through Rate from google keyword ranking 3rd

3,500 MSV

Monthly Search Volume for keywords plumber Brisbane


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