How to create business account for Facebook

Facebook does not really have a business account as such, it has various types of pages you can create and link to a personal account. If you would like to know how to create a Facebook account simply go to and fill in the Sign Up form on the home page.

This small guide will now show you how to create a business business page on Facebook. Please note you will still need to have this page linked to an existing Facebook account. Be sure to be logged in with the Facebook account that you wish to link to this business page.

1. Click Here to create a Facebook page.
If you do not wish to link this to your existing Facebook account, a solution may be to create another personal account before you create your Facebook page.

2. Choose one of the following categories.
Choose one of the following categories.

    1. Local Business or Place
    2. Company, Organization, or Institution
    3. Brand or Product
    4. Artist, Band, or Public Figure
    5. Entertainment
    6. Cause or Community

Later you will be able to select a more specific category that relates closer to your page.

3. Fill in the small form asking about your page.
The form will change depend on your choice from step 2.

4. And that’s it, you now have a Facebook business page.
Here we wish to set the Blog to be a Posts Page.

How do i get people to see my new Facebook page?

Below is a short list that of things that you can do to get people seeing your Facebook page. Click here for more detailed list, Below we will focus on the things you can do that should not cost anything.

  1. Write a blog about your new Facebook page.
  2. Run a promotion to encourage people to like and follow your page.
  3. Put a link to your new page in your email footer and on your website.
  4. Create and place a link to your new page in your twitter profile.
  5. Comment on other large Facebook pages.

 How often should you post on Facebook?

Below we have some stats showing the biggest brands and how often they post on Facebook. It seems on average these big name brands post on Facebook about once every day. Thank you socialbackers!

Average Posts Per Day - Big Brands

And how many times per day should i tweet?

Thanks again to socialbackers, here we have a chart showing Tweet Frequency engagement, engagement being when someone replies, re-tweets or adds to their favorites. It seems that 3 tweets per day is the optimal number.

Tweet Frequency Engagement

Did you know you can queue your Facebook posts?

That’s right, there is this really cool little website that will schedule your posts. It will not only schedule your Facebook posts, it will also allow you to schedule your Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest posts too.

This guide on how to create business account for Facebook was written to demonstrate just one of the things we do to help with SEO and ranking websites on google, we hold no secrets and all our methods are fully transparent.

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