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We have researched 5 Keywords that could returns for you greater than $4,803/month

How can we add $4,803 Monthly to your sales revenue with 5 keywords? It just comes down to a bit of research and some probability. If you read through the 2nd step below you will see the 3rd parties where we have sourced our data.

1. Suggested Keywords

Imagine you type the following into google and your dental practice comes up on the 1st page of results, or better yet, in the top 3 positions. There are 4,440 searches for these keywords every month. In a moment we will explore how much business we could gain from beating the currently ranked dental practices.

Traffic Keywords
2400 plumber brisbane
320 plumbers brisbane northside
260 plumber north brisbane
260 blocked drains brisbane
260 emergency plumber brisbane
3500 Total Monthly Search Volume

2. Research Some Numbers

We have found some click through rates, conversion rates, and conversion revenue data on various websites, you can find more detail under each category below.

  • 5,400 – MSV (Monthly Search Volume)

    We have used Google’s keyword planner to gather search volume for the chosen keywords. This data tells us there are 4,440 searches per month for our chosen keywords. You could also use other resources like SEMrush to find this data.

  • 8.82% - CTR (Click Through Rate)

    For this report we have used the Click Through data found on The rate of 8.82% was taken with the search focused on audiences with commercial intent only and with a page ranking of 3. Our research shows that currently, top ranked sites should not be difficult to beat.

  • 5.31% - CVR (Conversion Rate)

    Here we have a resource giving some indication on conversion rates, we can note from this article that the average conversion rate sits around 2.35%, and the top 25% of sites converting around 5.31%, and the top 10% of sites converting at 11.45%. We will use the rate of 5.31%, we feel this rate is conservative. Considering what we know about conversion optimisation and looking at the current market.

  • $231 - REV (Average Customer Revenue)

    We have found an article published on here stating that an average consultation comes to $231 (oral exam/scale and clean/fluoride treatment), e-ray or crowns extra.

  • $4,803 - ROI (Return On Investment)

    After we consider how many people actually reach our site, and then how many of those people actually convert into dental patients. We can then use the average value per dentistry visit to estimate some sort of returns for our efforts. Our calculations in this exercise come to $4,803.

3. Do The Math

This simple formula can be used to estimate the ROI, for those who are not so great with the calculator just copy the sum into Goggle, % sighs and all, click here for example. Note, this was from only 5 keywords, we would imagine many more keywords would be targeted once these are ranked.



$2,950 = 3,500 * 8.82% * 5.31% * $180

16+ Sales

Or $2,950 in evenue based on average sale value of $180

5.31% CRV

Conversion rate for top 25% of websites

308+ Visitors

Visitors that will end up on your web page

8.82% CTR

Click through Rate from google keyword ranking 3rd

3,500 MSV

Monthly Search Volume for keywords plumber Brisbane


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