How to Create a WordPress Blog

Below we will cover how to create a WordPress blog like this one. This can easily be one of the best ways to improve your SEO and it only takes a few minutes to setup. This is just another one of the many things we do as part of our SEO for our clients.

1. Login and choose Pages->Add New from the dashboard.
For the adventurous ones, the templates is index.php the base of your theme directory.

2. Type the name for your Blog in the box provided.
This will be the main page for your Blog. Calling the page “blog” is fine.

3. Scroll down and Click “Publish”.
We leave the rest of the page blank as this will be filled in by the blog itself.

4. Now Choose Settings->Reading from the dashboard.
Here we wish to set the Blog to be a Posts Page.

5. Select the page you just created from the Posts Page drop-down list.
This is setting the Blog to a Posts Page. Other settings on this page may be of interest too.

6. Click the Save Changes button.
Your blog as now been saved and you can access it from the web at
(where blog is the name of your blog from step 2.)

That’s easy, but do I really need a blog?

To answer the question, let’s try and cover some of the advantages and leave it up to you. Having a blog is the Number one thing that comes to mind when trying to improve SEO. Googles love for fresh, unique content and the unexpected long tail keywords make the blog one of the best places to start when working on your SEO.

Represent yourself, what you do, why contact you?

A blog gives you the chance to present yourself as an expert or an authority in your field, you can also use a blog to support other social media activity. It gives another avenue for explaining more about what you do and anything you feel could add value to your audience.

What to do now, Is this just one more thing to manage?

What to do now? Well once you have your blog setup, try and integrate it with your current workplace routines, For example every time someone has a birthday you could make it a process whereby someone has the role to send birthday wishes via the blog and at the same time introduce them and what they do to the world.

Still need help?

If you are having trouble with the information above on how to create a WordPress blog then feel free to contact us for a free consultation. Or if you would like we can look after your entire SEO needs, just check out our plans here.

This guide on how to create a WordPress blog was written to demonstrate just one of the things we do to help with SEO and ranking websites on google, we hold no secrets and all our methods are fully transparent.

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