How to get more Twitter Followers for Business

Below is the list of things we do to gain twitter followers, both for ourselves and our clients. There are more things you can do to gain followers, however we have focused this list on things that won’t cost you anything and don’t involve bothering friends and family.

1. Tweet about interesting, useful things that add value.
Tweet about interesting things, useful things that add value or are somewhat informative. This is pretty understandable, would you follow something you’re not interested in?

2. Follow other major twitter users.
When you follow another twitter user, other users can see this and then choose to follow you as well. This works best if you have something interesting to share.

3. Send tweets to other major twitter users.
Sending a tweet to major twitter user may result in a tweet back and someone is likely to see these tweets and choose to follow you.

4. Run a competition, give prizes to followers.
Giving a prize to a random followers who tweets something nice about your business. Come up with a prize that you can give to everyone, as consultation.

5. Place Twitter link in your email footer, website and Facebook.
This one is a given, but if your serious about your social media and you have not done this, you should do it now.

6. Schedule tweets.
Check out this cool website, Sign up and start scheduling tweets now.

How to get people following me on twitter?

We will write a full how to guide on how to get twitter followers soon. For now we have a short list of 6 things that can have great impact on to the number of twitter followers you have, list below.

  1. Tweet about interesting things, useful things that add value or are somewhat informative.
  2. Follow other massive twitter users, in hope they follow you back or others notice somewhere.
  3. Tweet to other massive twitter users, hopefully they will tweet back or someone will see these tweets.
  4. Run a competition, IE. give a prizes to a random followers that tweets something nice about you.
  5. Place twitter links in your email footer, on your website or Facebook page.
  6. Queue tweets up so you don’t forget, optimal tweets per day sits at about three.

Did you know you can queue your Tweets?

That’s right, there is this really cool little website that will schedule your posts. It will not only schedule your tweets, it will also allow you to schedule your Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest posts too.

This guide on how to create business a account for Twitter was written to demonstrate just one of the things we do to help with SEO and ranking websites on google.

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