How to setup Google Analytics on WordPress

This is a short guide for setting up Google Analytics on WordPress, Google Analytics is used for tracking the visitors that come to your website. The data Google Analytics collects can be used for making intelligent business and marketing decisions.

1. Head over to and click Sign Up.
This is a very simple process that takes less than 2 minutes. Your Google Analytics account will link to your Gmail account, apparently you can have up to 100 sites tracked at the same time from your one Gmail account.

2. Once signed you should find a snippet of code like this.
This snipped will look something like this. You can copy and paste this snippet into every page on your website that you wish to track. Remember to change the ‘TRACKING ID’ with the Tracking ID from your own google analytics account.

3. Edit header.php in your theme’s base directory.
The header.php in your themes base directory should be included on every page we wish to track, so this is where we will inset the code from step 2.

4. Paste the code from Google Analytics right after the <body> tag.
Copy the code from step 2 into the header.php as mentioned in step 3 just after the <body&rt; tag.

5. You can now start reporting though Google Analytics
It can take from 12 to 24 hours before you will have any useful stats.



This guide on How to setup Google Analytics for WordPress was written to demonstrate just one of the things we do to help with SEO and ranking websites on google, we hold no secrets and all our methods are fully transparent.

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