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How 5 Keywords Return $2,950 Monthly

Would you like to see how we can add $2,950/month in sales to your business? Below we have a plan with the ability to do just this, all figures are either calculated or sourced by independent 3rd parties.

1. Select some keywords

Select keywords that yield the most traffic, while keeping in mind what the intentions are of the user who types in such keywords. I.e. Someone using the keywords ‘emergency plumber Brisbane’ are far more likely to buy as opposed to someone who just types ‘plumbers top 10’ into the search engine.

Traffic Keywords
2400 plumber brisbane
320 plumbers brisbane northside
260 plumber north brisbane
260 blocked drains brisbane
260 emergency plumber brisbane
3500 Total Monthly Search Volume

2. Work out some numbers

Gather click through rates, conversion rates, and average conversion revenue. Sources for conversion rates and estimations used below.

  • 3,500 - MSV (Monthly Search Volume)

    Monthly Search Volume can be found using tools like semrush, Google keyword planner, and many other places. For the data on this website we use "Keywords Everywhere - Keyword Tool", an extension for the Googles Chrome web browser. The Keywords Above yield a total monthly search volume of 3,500.

  • 8.82% - CTR (Click Through Rate)

    Click Through Rate data can be found on Don't be alarmed if you notice our data is more conservative than what you see in advancedwebranking. We are have filtered our result based on commercial intent which tends to attract a more sceptical audience. In saying that we have also assumed a 3rd position ranking, which we feel is achievable. 3rd position rankings come with an average click-through rate of 8.82%. We obviously hope to achieve higher position than this.

  • 5.31% - CVR (Conversion Rate)

    Larry Kim has published an article on conversion rates here, in his article he notes the average conversion rate at 2.35%, with the top 25% sites converting at an average rate of 5.31% and the top 10% of sites converting at 11.45%. In our examples, we have used a top 25% rate of 5.31%. With a conversion optimised landing pages, we should easily beat this rate.

  • $180 - REV (Average Customer Revenue)

    Well this one you can work out yourself, what's the average lifetime value of new customers? has some estimations on what the average cost hiring a plumber are here. Coming up with a median of $190 in NSW, VIC and ACT. And $180 for QLD, WA, SA, TAS and NT. Actual revenue per conversion may be higher as these figures do not take into account repeat business.

  • $2,950 - ROI (Return On Investment)

    This is the monetary results, assuming all went pretty average we are looking at a minimum profit of $2,950/month. We will do much more to improve the figures used in this calculation though. We want to help you achieve higher rankings on major search engines, have people clicking through to your website and finally more of those people converting into sales.

3. Do the calculation

Now we can work out how profitable all this could be. The data below demonstrates an increase of $2,950 in monthly sales from just 5 keywords.



$2,950 = 3,500 * 8.82% * 5.31% * $180

16+ Sales

Or $2,950 in evenue based on average sale value of $180

5.31% CRV

Conversion rate for top 25% of websites

308+ Visitors

Visitors that will end up on your web page

8.82% CTR

Click through Rate from google keyword ranking 3rd

3,500 MSV

Monthly Search Volume for keywords plumber Brisbane


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