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Looking for an SEO Company on the Gold Coast?

The number One SEO Company on the Gold Coast now puts its money where its mouth is and offers SEO services that will not bill you until ranked on the 1st page of Google.


CrazySEO have a range of services customised aimed to satisfy you, our customer. We are always looking to improve, If something’s not right for you, we would love to hear about it. The largest room in the universe, is the room to improve.


Organic SEO

This is our core service, that is the ranking of your website/pages on the top of the organic search results. Organic results are the ones just below the paid results on a google search.


Local SEO

One of the best ways to push a small business forward. Locally SEO and local competition is generally not very competitive. This win win situation makes SEO a perfect fit for most small business.


Link and Networking

Networking with other websites in the same industry as you, fields that have similar interests can help you build links up and promote your business as a leader in your field.


Content Strategy

Content is one of the most important parts of digital marketing, informing your potential clients of the most relevant information at the top of your page will grab their attention, improve conversion rates and also help with your SEO.


Digital Consulting

We are happy to help with any digital consulting you require, free. In fact, we would love to learn and explore different types of business looking for new and innovative ways we can help and improve your business.


Progress Reporting

From the initial audit to our monthly audits, you will see what is changing and the impacts our work has on your business. This is to give you a clear picture and real piece of mind that you are getting good returns on your investment.


CrazySEO are one of the few digital marketing agencies that offer a no result no pay guarantee. You don’t pay anything until we rank you on the first page of Google. This is the single biggest reason why you should choose us to look after your digital marketing.

  • 10+ years of experience

    We have been working in the digital marketing field since 2001. Focused on SEO more than anything else. And in recent years we have noticed quite big changes in the industry. The key advantage of this experience is the knowledge of recent changes like the google panda and penguin updates, Allowing us to see a trend that we use to ensure the work we do will not have any negative impacts in the future.

  • End Goal Focus

    Our focus is built around your goals, what you are looking to get out of our services, SEO is just one of the ways in which we can boost your traffic. But if your end goal is to increase sales and you already have a lot of traffic we may work more on optimising your conversion rates. Let us know about your end goal and we will work back from there.

  • It’s all about You

    Have you noticed some business focus on what they do, and not so much about is right for you. One of our core values is customer focus, with everything we do the customer is always number one. When talking about our services, its about how they can work for you. Aside from this from the top down, we love to exceed your expectations.

Let’s discuss your project


Our digital services start with SEO and stretch into paid advertising on seach engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. We also look specialise in advertising on on networks like Facebook, Pinterest YouTube and Twitter. We also offer on site help in areas like UI and UX web development with a keen focus on conversion rate optimisation. More customised services also available.



An audit on your site will help with deciding where time will be best spent, The audit will also look at your competitors and the leaders in your field. This often gives some great ideas as yo how you can do as they have done and then beat them.



Once you have the audit and you compare, you will see what they have done to get where they are, all you need to do then is apply similar strategies and then go one better. Finding a weak spot here and there will also go a long way in your efforts beating them.



Once you have your strategy and have done the hard work, you can then work on optimising things. Generally this involves some tweaks in the headings of your pages, getting right keyword to content ratio and checking more closely at how your most valuable keywords are looking from the search engine’s perspective.



Earning links back to your website by providing quality and useful information is one of the most effective ways to both establish yourself as a leader in your field and at the same time building quality links back to your website. Other sites will often link to you as a reference simple because you provide quality information.


Each time we achieve success for our clients is a time for celebration, both for clients and us. Getting to the top of Google is something that continues to motivate us and will so long into the future. Once there we focus on tougher keywords with our customers end goal always in mind.

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Looking for SEO here on the Gold Coast?


Local seo is one of the most effective ways local business can promote there business, this is for two reasons. Firstly there is generally a lack of competition for local keywords, and local business is also not anywhere near as competitive as national or international business. And secondly local marketing has the potential to be far more targeted to the local audience.


Our Approach to Local

Key aspects of a local SEO campaign

  • Local Profiles Setup
  • Locally Optimised Keywords
  • Local Directory Listings
  • Google MyBusiness / Maps
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • Reporting and Recommendations

This is where some of the biggest returns on your invest may be hiding. Simple things like placing a phone number at the top of each page and placing contact forms above the fold where appropriate may instantly boost conversion rates by over 300%.

Be on Goolge’s 1st Page in Only 3 to 6 Months –Hurry UP.

“SEO is only half the battle…

With a quality mix of both Search Engine Optimisation and Conversion Rate Optimisation, it becomes quite probable that your business will boom.

William – CEO

The exciting part of what we do is delivering creative strategies, tactics that help our clients grow their business.

One of our suppliers had great success with these guys, so we thought we would give them a try. Just a few weeks in we saw massive improvements, going with CrazySEO would be one of the best decisions we have made.

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Tim Edwards

We are a web development business that offers similar services to that of CrazySEO, we often pass work onto these guys when our clients are looking to optimise their conversion rates and for any digital marketing needs.

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Bill Thomas

We are excited to make a difference in your business, our aim has always been to exceed your expectation and that is a key part as to why we have such outstanding reviews.