Blogging is easy

Once the blog is set up then posting is simple and easy. Crazy SEO can take care of the whole process producing blog posts from material and topics that you supply or you can produce blogs and post them yourself. The content that you post will help to improve your visibility and using links and keywords judiciously will improve the websites SEO.


Regular updates are vital

There is one cardinal rule for blogging and it is that you must regularly update. There has never been a charge of someone posting too many blog posts. It is important to channel as much content through the blog that is interesting and informative. Including product pictures, exclusive information and special offers are all great ways to keep things interesting and to encourage readers to visit your website and purchase items.


Blogging and networking

Blogging is a great basis to use the same or similar content across multiple platforms. This can be done in a number of ways including creating an article that is posted to the website. The article is then featured in a blog post that links to the article and describes the article and its key points. Social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn can then have post linking the original article or the blog post and highlighting them.

This gives a single blog a huge amount of exposure and produces useful links that are useful for SEO purposes. The visibility on each point in this network of inter-related links provides a conduit that leads to your website where you have products and services to sell.

Key Points

  • Blogs are popular and build followers
  • Blogs are a great communications medium.
  • Blogs help SEO on your website
  • Links to and from blogs bring visitors
  • Blogs are inexpensive
  • CrazySeo have extensive blogging experience
  • Fully managed options available
  • Increased visibility