seoconWriting SEO content

The number one aim of content is to be relevant. This means if you are selling refrigerators then an interesting article on aquariums is not going to be a good idea. Selecting a topic about the business, industry will add much more value.


It is relatively simple to insert keywords once you have decided on what you will write about. This applies to any sort of content. Weather you are writing from a tweet, a social media quote, a blog or an article. This is a very important part of content writing online today.

loremLong term strategy

SEO writing is one of the best ways to make a long lasting improvement in not only your page ranking and overall visibility but in the usefulness of your website. It can encourage customers to return to the site to keep informed and build a really large following over time.

Key Points

  • SEO writing works
  • Content has long term use
  • SEO writing is not expensive
  • SEO writing helps build links
  • SEO writing strategies are tailored to your business
  • CrazySEO have an experienced SEO writing team
  • CrazySEO offer fully managed solutions
  • Integrates with other SEO options