Social media links

The social media strategy of your business should be optimized to help link building. This means a widely dispersed strategy of using the social media sites that are the most favorable for your business and that are most likely to attract your target audience.

When you actively participate in social media every post and link that you place on social media has the potential to be linked, posted and commented on by your audience and thereby expanding your messages reach. People linking back to your website are very helpful to your link building strategy.


Articles and blogging

When you create content such as blog posts and articles they create links to products, news stories and suppliers. The content can also be used to create links back to your website when it is link to your social media sites, social bookmarking sites and content publishing sites. Each piece of content exponentially increases your amount of links and by using the right keyword strategies they can significantly increase your visibility.

The great thing about articles and blog posts as that can stay relevant for a long period of time meaning that people that are searching for information covered in this content are still being drawn to them years later. This is why quality links are so important and why blog posts and articles are a very cost effective way of improving the SEO on your website.


Classified Ads

A good way to build links can be targeted classified ads that not only alert potential customers to your products but link back to your website, blog and social media site. They have good SEO potential and are a low cost way to enhance a link building strategy.

CrazySEO can write and place ads as part of a targeted campaign or as part of an overall SEO strategy. The goal is to build as many quality links that are pointing to your website and to try and use those links to bring people directly to your website as well as improve the your SEO visibility and your websites ranking.


Press release

Press releases can be effective in link building providing that they are written well and submitted widely to get the most exposure. They can both generate interest in industry based journals, associations and websites and generate links. The wide submission sees the PR posted on hundreds of websites so it naturally improves visibility and can be a great way to address long tail keywords.



Listing your business and website and key details in directory listings can raise your businesses profile and provide links. Using popular directories and directories that are associated with search engines are low cost ways to obtain quality links. They are not likely to make a huge impact unless your business has a local focus or outlet. Then they can become very valuable because of the increased use of location based searching.

Key Points

  • Link building and SEO go hand in hand
  • Every link can bring customers
  • CrazySEO are link building experts
  • Link blogs and articles
  • Critical mass will see links grow from audience and customer participation
  • Social media is important
  • The right strategy is vital
  • Link building is cost effective