The right target

It is important to identify the searches that your key demographic is using and then using keywords so that you appear when they are searching. This is then approached so that you have good visibility to the highest number of your potential customers. The keywords used then reflect these targeted areas.


Competition and experience

When researching keywords then looking at competitors in the market can give insights into alternative keyword strategies and how successful they are. The goal is not to copy what they are doing but to get better intelligence on the market and look for keywords that work for the widest market possible.

Judging the best keyword combinations is partly a science with statistics available on what people are typing into search engines and partly experience in knowing what works and what doesn’t. CrazySEO has the experience and the tools to guide keyword selection so that you get the best possible results that will directly translate into your bottom line.


Long tail keywords

You might not have heard of the term long tail keywords but they refer to the less common keywords used in searches that make up 70% of all searches. These obviously have a smaller audience but is researched correctly they can be much more likely to result in visitors that are looking to make a purchase.

Key Points

  • Keyword research
  • High traffic keywords
  • Long tail keywords
  • Increased traffic
  • Increased sales
  • Low cost
  • Highly experienced team
  • Increased visibility