Easy to understand solutions

When we prepare your website analysis we will also include some easy to understand solutions that are designed to help in areas that are found to be negatively impacting your website. We understand that every dollar counts and we offer the most cost effective solutions that have been proven to work.

These might include editing and optimizing the code that your website is written in, focusing your product descriptions or introducing high value content that will help to interest potential customers and rank well with search engines. Each website is different and the problems and solutions are always unique. Having a customized analysis with individually tailored solutions is the only effective way to be certain that what is being proposed will work in your situation.

spiderWeb spiders and html code

The search engines use a sophisticated program that is constantly checking through each website that they have been told to evaluate. They do not see the visual side of your website but look at the code your website is made up of and the content of the pages.

content1Content and keywords

The content on your site can help or hinder your ranking depending on how it is written and what keywords are used. One of the big danger areas is overuse of keywords which can have a very negative effect.

loremOur analysis is FREE

We will analyze your website for free. CrazySEO understands that many businesses are hesitant to spend money without understanding what they are paying for. We offer this service for free to encourage our clients to find out how they can cost effectively…

Key Points

  • Free analysis
  • CrazySEO has an experienced analysis team
  • Customized solutions
  • Suitable for any website
  • Easy to understand
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Higher ranking
  • Higher traffic and more sales