Social media is low cost

One of the attractive things about social media is that the platforms are easy to use and inexpensive to set up. In most cases it just is a matter of point your social media team or CrazySEO at the selected social media platforms and join.

The business details are entered and as much information as possible is given so that it is available to people that become your audience. The only real costs are the time it takes to set up.
Once it is setup then the real work begins. This is using your social media strategy to create a web of links and social media content to interest people.

Crazy SEO provide full solutions that include setup, posting update and checking / responding to audience posts. We will forward any questions to relevant staff members in your organization and then they can respond directly on the social media site or forward the response to our team so we can take care of it.


Social media is SEO friendly

When you post links to your website content and links to your social media sites you are helping the page ranking and visibility of your website enormously. The web of links you create as you build a following that then link to your links is very positive for your website.

Strong links to authoritative trusted websites are a strong positive when your website is surveyed by the search engine algorithms. Websites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN to name a few are exactly the sorts of links that you want.


Customer care and marketing

A strong social media presence with appropriate links on your website will encourage customer and site visitors to join you on their favorite social media platform. Each person that follows you on social media opens their friends to your network. This can rapidly expand giving you access to a huge audience.

The two key areas to remember with social media are, regularly post interesting items not just a constant stream of overt sales information and to respond appropriately to detractors. Posting interesting content might not get any sales today but it will increase your audience and keep your business in the minds of more people. Detractors might be dissatisfied customers or people that just like to be negative and the key way to deal with them is to be understanding, help them as much as possible and clearly state what you can or cannot do.

Key Points

  • Social media doesn’t have to be expensive
  • Use the right strategy
  • Social media needs constant attention
  • Be careful of social media hype
  • CrazySeo can take care of your social media needs
  • Content can be repackaged for social media
  • Social media can grow your audience
  • Social media is SEO positive