Site coding

Optimizing site coding is a relatively low cost way to help the search engine process your site and maximize the impact that keywords and links have on your ranking. It is a one off item that does not need to be updated unless there are significant site changes or significant changes in how search engines process websites and evaluate them.

This really is basic stuff and should be done no matter what. If you are considering any other site changes then it is an opportunity to have them done at the same time and get them taken care of for a small additional fee.

key1Key words

The research, selection and implementatoin of a keyword strategy is the basis of search engine optimization. Those words need to be improminent in your website and they need to be relevant with tha SEO strategy that is being implemented.


Content is so important as it is the area of your website that talks to your potential customers, explains why they should buy from you and contains much of the implemented SEO.

cloudBlogging and social media

The use of blogging and social media is a great way to remain in contact with your customers and to build a loyal customer base.

Key Points

  • Understanding SEO strategies
  • Best SEO options for you
  • Keyword strategies
  • Best articles for you
  • Product descriptions that well get noticed
  • SEO for a higher page ranking
  • Social media for SEO
  • SEO to suit your budget