Website Design

Designing your website so it works efficiently and looks good is just the first step. Integrating it with your sales and inventory platform is very important and needs to be thoroughly tested before it goes live. We are SEO experts so our website designs use the most current SEO principals when they are implemented.


Website optimization

When CrazySEO optimizes a website it ensures the coding for the website reflects best practice in SEO. This means ensuring every opportunity to increase the visibility of the website is taken advantage of in a way that maximizes page ranking. This needs to be done without using any technique that detract from the websites function or that could be seen by webcrawler algorithms negatively.


Website updates

When your website is being optimized for SEO it presents a great opportunity to make any changes or upgrades at the same time. This saves time and money with our design team being able to do both jobs at the same time. We can take your design themes and graphics or our team can work with you to update the look of the website.

If your website need frequent updates for content and product changes then we can take care of those no matter if you need just a couple of items a week taken care of or thousands. We are experienced with large sites that need a team to keep prices, display items and descriptions updated and can manage as much or as little as the process as you need at a very competitive price.



Anything that is displayed on your website is content and the more quality content you have the more effective your website will be at attracting viewers. Content can contain keywords and links that help to improve the SEO value of your site. Using articles, product descriptions and blogs as the basis of links to outside blogs, social media and press releases when appropriate creates a huge web of links that increases site visibility and acts as a funnel leading people to your website.

We can update content supplied by you and your team, supply content for your website that we create or offer a solution that integrates both sources. We are flexible and can accommodate your needs in any solution that we put together.


Key Points

  • In house web design team
  • Ground up web design
  • Update existing website
  • SEO experts
  • Provide content solutions
  • Integrate website and sales platforms
  • Ongoing updates and support
  • Best value for money solutions