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Web Design

Gold Coast

CrazySEO is now local with a home here on the Gold Coast. Just ask to make an appointment, we will come out to you at no cost. With the use of UI (user interface) and UX (User Experience) designers your website will be fully optimised to both convert more customers into sales, please the eyes. Sites can be developed on content management platforms like WordPress to give you the ability to manage the content on your own.


A Responsive web design is a design that look great on all popular resolutions covering smartphones, tablets and computers. The design stage will also cover optimisation for conversions while placing the most relevant information first. For more than a few years now mobile users has been the most popular method of accessing the internet. With Google now using mobile compatibility as part of its ranking algorithm, it has become more important than ever if you wish to improve exposure in google results.


Management System

Would you like to manage the content yourself? Have your own staff make changes to your website live? We are able to organise training sessions enabling you or your business to take do this. Most of our web developments are now built on WordPress giving you more control while optimising for search engines.

  1. 1:  Add or Edit a page
  2. 2:  Set the page title
  3. 3:  Give the page a URL
  4. 4:  Write page content
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Shopping Carts

When it comes to online shopping, CrazySEO have the experience that will help your business succeeded. We are able to customise solutions to avoid double updates, one system can feed into many, or many systems can update each other. We have also put together a range of options that can help you push more sales while saving you time and money. Ask us about outsourcing inventory sanitation and management.



    1. Most Efficient Update

We can customise a system for your business that will allow your systems communicate with ours, enabling seamless inventory updates. In some cases, we can even improve existing inventory management strategy’s.

    1. Customised Solutions

Having our experienced programmers build solutions for you can easily simplify or completely remove many existing processes from your business. The real question is what are the most efficient and cost effective changes they will make? Call us any time for a no hassle chat, completely free, no obligation.

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Conversion Optimised

Landing Pages

    1. Wireframes, 6 reasons to wireframe

Wireframes, it may seem like a waste of time, and it may not be for everyone. In many cases things will run just fine without them. With that said we have a short list of benefits to help you decide if you need to be concerned with wireframes.

  • 1:  Clearly demonstrate outline of site
  • 2:  Show simplified website features
  • 3:  Give you a feel before development
  • 4:  Demonstrate abilities to update
  • 5:  Save project time now and in the future



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  1. testimonial

Having CrazySEO re-build our website was one of the best moves we have made, not only did they create a website that looks great. They also fully optimised all the pages for both converting customers into sales and content for marketing.

~Satisfied Customer

Awards and industry recognition

We are excited to make a difference in your business, our aim has always been to exceed your expectation and that is a key part as to why we have such outstanding reviews.

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