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Web Design

If you are looking for a professionally designed website for your small business, or even just an improvement on your current design then we are here to help. What sets us apart from our competitors is that our designers are also skilled digital marketers, we understand that as a business owner the main thing you want from your website ultimately is an increase in sales, therefore we set about building your site with this end goal in mind, ensuring it is geared towards the highest conversion rates possible.


When you imagine potential customers visiting your website, what device are they using to view it? Your initial thought may just be using a laptop or desktop computer, yet what about on mobile, or tablet? In 2014 internet usage via mobile exceeded that of desktop and laptop users for the first time, and since then has continued to increase exponentially.

Responsive websites adapt their layout to the specific device being used to access them, ensuring a professional, slick user experience regardless of the medium. Also Google began to integrate website responsiveness into their ranking algorithm as of 2015 so this is by no means an area that should be overlooked.


Management System

Content Management Systems have become increasingly popular as their power and functionality has increased. WordPress is by far the most widely used CMS, mainly down to the fact that anyone even with little to no knowledge of web design could edit a website on a large scale, or even create their own website within just a few hours of familiarising themselves with the interface. You can easily maintain the following and much more

  1. 1:  Add and edit pages
  2. 2:  Assign page URLs
  3. 3:  Assign page titles
  4. 4:  Add page content
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Shopping Carts

If your website will require an e-commerce section, then we strongly advise that you book a Free Consultation with us. E-Commerce websites can be expensive, complicated and more in-depth that regular sites due to a number of different factors such as cart design, payment methods and interface, product descriptions and inventory. With many years of combined experience creating e-commerce sites our team can help steer you in the right direction not only saving you money but ensure that you get maximum return from your online store.



    1. One Change, Many Updates

We can install an ultra-high efficiency master system whereby utilising it to input a change results in that change being implemented across multiple pre-configured platforms such as EBay, Google Shopping and many more.

    1. Customised Solutions

Do you have ideas of your own? We would be happy to hear from you. We have a keen interest in improving through customisation. We are able to do things like automatically adjust marketing to push higher rankings on products that meet your set criteria. And as a marketing guru we can push rankings on products just missing out on 1st page results.

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Conversion Optimised

Landing Pages

    1. Wireframes, 6 reasons to wireframe

Wire framing is part of the design process which helps us with the structuring and layout of your website. It is by no means utilised by every web designer and it does come at the cost of added time in the initial stages of a website’s design, however Wire framing is definitely worth it for a number of reasons such as.

  • 1:  Save time on overall project after initial stages.
  • 2:  Highlights and helps to demonstrate website features.
  • 3:  Gives you a visual display of the site architecture.
  • 4:  Increases the likelihood that you will design the site around usability.
  • 5:  Ensures high interactivity in the design process.
  • 6:  Simplifies updates.



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  1. Testimonial

Having CrazySEO re-build our website was one of the best moves we have made, not only did they create a website that looks great. They also fully optimised all the pages for both converting customers into sales and content for marketing.

~Satisfied Customer

Awards and industry recognition

We are excited to make a difference in your business, our aim has always been to exceed your expectation and that is a key part as to why we have such outstanding reviews.

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